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Boston Horns
2003-06-29, Dodge Street, Salem, MA
Club d'Elf
2000-04-20, Knitting Factory, New York City, NY
Mike Rivard-Bass
Brahim Fribgane-Oud, Doumbek, Karakab
Erik Kerr-Drums
Mat Maneri-Electric Viola
Joe Maneri-Sax, Voice
John Medeski-Keys
Set 1
Improv->Now I Understand->Trance Meeting->Samba Morocco->Make Me The Sargeant/Down In The Hole, Jungle Adagio->Down In The Wormhole, Left Hand of Clyde
Set 2
Improv->Invisible Landscape, Route of the Root, Bass Beatbox->Fire In The Brain->Bass Beatbox->Ektal->As Above->Actual Smiles
Club d'Elf
2001-02-28, Tonic, New York City, NY
Mike Rivard, Erik Kerr, Brahim Fribgane, John Medeski, DJ Logic, Mat Maneri, Joe Maneri, Eric Hipp, Curtis Hasselbring
Set 1
Early Show: The Tingler->Big Light In Sky, Sodi Rabi, Make Me The Sergeant (Down In The Hole), Left hand Of Clyde Pt. 1-3
Set 2
Scorpionic->Bass Beatbox->Last Business->Jungle Adagio, Challahba, As Above->Vision of Kali, Shadow's Shift
Club d'Elf
2004-02-27, Matt Murphy's, Brookline, MA
*with Shuman (Freestyle Rapper)

Mike Rivard - Basses
Geoff Scott - Guitar
Randy Roos - Guitar
Mr.Rourke - Turntables
Dan Golatti - Drums
Set 1
S1T01 ??
S1T02 ??
S1T03 ??
S1T04 ??
S1T05 ??
Set 2
S2T1 ??
S2T2 ??
S2T3 ??
S2T4* ??
Club d'Elf
2004-04-08, Sit 'n Bull Pub, Maynard, MA
with Randy Roos (guitar), Mister Rourke (turntables), Tom Hall (sax), Micro Vard (bass, sintir), Erik Kerr (drums), with guest Russ Gershon (sax)
Set 1
Intro->The Tingler->Big Light In Sky->Dream Wanderer
Club d'Elf
2004-05-26, Tonic, New York City, NY
Mike Rivard-bass, sintir
John Medeski-keys
Marc Ribot-guitar
Adam Deitch-drums
Mr. Rourke-turntables
Brahim Fribgane- oud, doumbek, percussion
Curtis Hasselbring-trombone
Eric Hipp-sax

*-without horns
#-with Joshua Roseman on trombone
^-with Richard Zukowski on spoken word, without Marc Ribot
Set 1
Bass Beatbox*> Scorpionic> Untitled Song, Chalabah
Set 2
Dream Wanderer*> The Tingler> Big Light in the Sky#, As Above#, Trance Meeting#, Sidi Rabi*, Untitled Song^*
Medeski, Martin & Wood
1996-04-11, Proud Larry's, Oxford, MS
Set 1
The Lover > Sequel, Jelly Belly > ITAHTLMJ, Think > Chinoiserie, Chubb Sub, E: Crosstown Traffic
Medeski, Martin & Wood
2004-11-11, Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO
# - PJ Harvey cover
% - Cachao cover
* - w/Beatle Bob on the Maracas
Set 1
Improv > End of the World Party > Improv > New Planet > Afro Blue > Sasa > The Letter#
Set 2
Who the Fuck# > Shine It > The Lover > Pocket Knife# > Paris%, Curtis, Lonely Avenue, Whiney Bitches, Queen Bee
<b>Encore</b>: Blue Pepper*
Mike Doughty
2001-08-21, Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY
Set 1
Is Chicago, Not Chicago
St. Louise Is Listening
Drinking In My Dreams
Rising Sign
Grey Ghost
Thank You Lord For Sending Me The F Train
Busting Up A Starbucks
Fire Truck
Real Love
Soft Serve
Fire Truck (Reprise)
True Dreams Of Wichita
E: Janine